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BergHOFF Graphite Versatile Collection made with recycled materails

Leo Graphite - Most Versatile

BergHOFF’s Graphite cookware collection consists out of a selection of versatile pots and help helping you to achieve professional results with every cooking task. Whether you are looking for a high-quality stainless steel stick pan to fry your beloved steak in the weekend or a solid cast iron casserole for a good stew on a cold winter day, Graphite cookware has it all!

100% recycled aluminum pots and pans with a healthy ceramic non-stick coating are the main components of the Graphite cookware collection. Completed with 100% recycled stainless steel essentials for a lifetime of cooking fun in the kitchen and perfect for daily use in the kitchen. From a slow cooked stew to flavorful meat and vegetables dishes, the sustainable cast iron series is perfect for a wide array of one-pot recipes.

Recycled high-quality material, heat-resistant handles, suitable for all cooktops including induction and a ceramic coating are all hallmarks of our versatile Graphite cookware collection. Whether you’re ready to unleash your inner top chef or you’ve simply grown out of the starter set you bought in college, Graphite cookware has it covered!

Graphite REuse REcycle REduce

Graphite Cookware has got you covered!

Choosing the right cookware for a specific cooking job is easier said than done. The amount of cookware styles, coatings and colors can often be overwhelming. With below overview we would like to help you to make a clear choice, so you can enjoy maximum cooking pleasure. Whether you’re looking for a slow cook pot, the ideal steak pan, a plancha to sizzle vegetables or a healthy non-stick pan to fry an egg, Graphite has got you covered!

First of all:

  • Use the proper heat source for your cookware: all our cookware is suitable for all cooktop, including induction.
  • Size does matter: use the correct size of cookware to avoid hot spots and improve energy-efficient cooking.
BergHOFF Graphite REUSE

REUSE Graphite Cast Iron

Cook like a true professional with this versatile cast iron stockpot. The stockpot is perfect for your slow cooking recipes and can be transferred from hob, to oven, to table with ease and style. Braise your meat for a tasty stew or a spicy curry while keeping it nice and juicy thanks to the self basting bumps on the inside of the lid. The lid has no visible screw for extra hygiene. Our 26cm grill pan is perfect for searing steaks, fish fillets or a variety of vegetables. It’s made from enameled cast iron and can be used on any kind of cooktop, including induction and is completely ovenproof. The raised grill lines leave those typical grill marks and allow any fat and moisture to escape easily so you get that extra crispy result. Both the covered casserole and the grill pan are ovenproof up to 280°C (535°F). On top of that, the dutch-oven and grill pan are stackable for easy storage and the universal lid fits both the casserole and the grill pan.

BergHOFF Graphite Cookware is made wtih recycled aluminum or stainless steel

RECYCLE Graphite Stainless Steel

There is a reason why most professional chefs prefer (recycled) stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel is just what you want in terms of durability. Life long cooking pleasure is guaranteed! Next to this, recycled stainless steel cookware allows you to cook at high temperatures and is completely PFOA- and PTFE-free. The multi-layered, conductive base is the perfect partner in energy-efficient cooking. When you’ve enjoyed your meal, just pop your recycled stainless steel cookware in the dishwasher. No need to worry about using metal utensils while cooking, as this cookware is scratch resistant. Every recycled stainless steel product is 100% recyclable and made from plastic-free, renewable materials that can be reused again and again.

BergHOFF Graphite Recycle Aluminum

RECYCLE Graphite Aluminum

Made from lightweight 100% recycled aluminum and equipped with a high-quality, sustainable and healthy (PFAS-free) ceramic non-stick coating called CeraGreen for easy food release and easy cleaning, this cookware range is a must have in any kitchen. Full disk base of aluminum cookware ensures a fast and even heat distribution for energy-efficient cooking performance on any kind of cooktop. The range is ovenproof to 230°C (450°F). An added bonus is the seamless construction between the aluminum body and the stainless steel handle for extra hygiene.

BergHOFF Graphite Utensils

Graphite Utensil like never before

Utensils made from high-quality stainless steel in combination with recycled plastic handles for the best cooking results and for a lifetime of fun. Finished with soft silicone to avoid scratches and improve the life-cycle of your beloved cookware set. Never ending cooking fun is guaranteed with these Graphite utensils to complete your beloved cookware set and perfectly matching with the Graphite pots and pans.

  • Handle made from recycled plastics
  • Doesn’t scratch the non-stick coating of your cookware
  • Ergonomic, soft-touch shape
  • Heat resistant silicone head
  • Lightweight material that’s easy to handle
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
BergHOFF Graphite Reduce Energy Consumption

REDUCE Energy Consumption

Let’s face it, we are all looking for ways to save energy in the kitchen nowadays. Following that, nobody likes waiting for a pot of water to boil. Good news, BergHOFF cookware will save you a lot of energy by an excellent energy-efficiency of its cookware ranges. Always looking for the most optimal solution, BergHOFF combines suitable and effective high-quality materials to optimize energy-efficient cooking. For example, BergHOFF’s encapsulated bottom technology combines the heat inducing capacity of the high magnetic grade stainless steel with the excellent heat conductivity of the aluminum core disk. This capsule base technology is designed for maximal efficiency, durability and cooking pleasure.

In general, using BergHOFF’s cookware results in less cooking time and equals more energy savings for you and your family!