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We love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we design recyclability into all our collections. Our products help you do your part for the planet. Like kitchen tools with double functions, jars that prevent food waste and smart cookware for more energy-efficient cooking.

We strongly believe at BergHOFF in a total environment of saving energy, efficiency and time. On top of that, we support big and small initiatives that make the world more beautiful.









BergHOFF sustainablity plan REuse REcycle REduce


BergHOFF believes in functional product design in consideration of the 3R strategy of waste management, to move towards a sustainable tomorrow. Together we can make a difference and at BergHOFF we are implementing these 3R’s step by step.

BergHOFF Sustainable REduce

REDUCE: Say NO to plastic!

As packaging represents one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, BergHOFF is committed to reduce its impact on the climate by reducing packaging and increasing the use of recycled materials. Among our initiatives, we are happy to announce all our cardboard and paper-based packaging is 100% recyclable. We aim to use FSC certified paper and cardboard for all new product launches by 2023. 

In addition, we significantly reduce plastic in all our packagings, such as polybags and plastic laminations, towards a sustainable tomorrow.

As we need to react on a short notice, we strongly believe we can achieve the biggest visible impact by improving our existing packaging as eco-friendly as possible.

BergHOFF Sustainable REuse

REUSE: Take the pledge to reduce single-use today!

BergHOFF focuses on sustainable products and on responsible consumption. Reuse of raw material such as recycled aluminium or plastic. Our qualitative products are designed in a way to improve the overall product lifespan, where reusability of products is a main goal for a sustainable tomorrow.

BergHOFF Sustainable REcycle

RECYCLE: Endless recyclable, infinitely beautiful!

Aluminium and stainless steel are 100% recyclable.
Their story doesn’t have to end being an old pan, pot or kitchen utensil you throw away. There are so many ways in which they can be recycled with the aim of creating a new purpose while reducing waste.

We extend this recyclability trend also at the presentation level of our products. Meaning, we use flatpacked displays made of 100% recyclable cardboard. In this way not only our products are recyclable but also our Point of Sale Materials.

BergHOFF Sustainable REact

REACT: Doing good for planet and people

Doing good for planet and people. By purchasing one of BergHOFF’s water bottles you contribute to several projects of our good cause partner Simavi. As part of the WASH program, we aim to raise awareness with thousands of Bangladeshi with public ‘clean hands’ campaigns.
In concrete terms, this means:

  • Clean hands campaign for over 2900 students
  • WASH community sessions for over 1560 villagers
  • A public clean hands campaign reaching 130000 Bangladeshi

That’s how BergHOFF does not only invest in the future of the planet, but also in everybody's lives. And this is how you can make a difference by buying a BergHOFF product.


Great design, better conscience!

At BergHOFF we not only make beautiful and durable products, but we also help save the planet from a lot of unnecessary waste.
One reusable BergHOFF product like our water bottle saves up to 3.000 disposable bottles every year.

Imagine what you can do for our planet by using our complete BergHOFF reusable collection.