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BergHOFF Balance 4Pc Nonstick Knife Set, Recycled Material

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Original price $ 92.00
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Current price $ 54.99

This Leo Balance 4Pc Nonstick Knife Set is a must-have in any kitchen. The vegetable knife is a versatile tool for various culinary tasks, whether you're preparing a vegetable snack, a hearty soup, or a summer salad. Its sharp stainless-steel blade ensures efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing. For slicing ham, turkey, or chicken with ease, the Leo carving knife with its sharp stainless-steel blade is the perfect choice. When it comes to handling bread, including the crustiest loaves and delicate tomatoes, the Leo bread knife is indispensable. Its serrated stainless-steel blade, featuring a non-stick coating, effortlessly cuts through tough crusts without compressing the tender crumb. This non-stick coating also ensures ingredients won't adhere to the blade during use. Additionally, the handle, crafted from recycled PP, reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability. This set includes Serrated Utility Knife 4.5", Carving Knife 7.5", Vegetable Knife 4.5", and Bread Knife 9".

  • Package includes: Serrated Utility Knife 4.5", Carving Knife 7.5", Vegetable Knife 4.5", and Bread Knife 9". Discover the perfect knife set for all your culinary needs, crafted from a sustainable, eco-friendly stainless-steel blade coated with a non-stick, non-toxic layer, and features an ergonomically designed recycled PP, soft touch handle.
  • The ergonomic handle's non-slip design is made for comfort and control, making it easy to maneuver and handle with precision. Additionally, the stainless steel blades are corrosion resistant and stain resistant, featuring a nonstick, nontoxic coating, which prevents food from sticking to them. This makes slicing and dicing a breeze, as ingredients effortlessly glide off the blade.
  • The serrated blades on the utility and bread knife easily slice through foods with thick outer surfaces without creating a lot of crumbs, crushing the pastry, or causing other imperfections. Its sharp, serrated edge ensures clean and precise cuts every time. Slice through tough-skinned fruits and vegetables with the utility knife and slice bread with the bread knife without crushing or tearing the soft insides.
  • The blade of this carving knife is specifically engineered to be shorter and wider, allowing for enhanced control and precision while carving. The versatile vegetable knife is ideal for all vegetable preparation needs as its curved blade allows for easy rocking motion. Add some tang utilizing the vegetable knife's integrated zester and strip herbs like thyme and rosemary with ease through the loop.
  • Ensure the longevity of this knife set, simply wash the knife with mild soap and warm water. For tougher stains or stubborn food particles, it is recommended to use a sponge or nylon scrubbing pad to gently scrub the surface. Avoid any abrasive scrubbing materials or harsh detergents.