BergHOFF Face Cradle Lite - Sky Blue

BergHOFF Face Cradle Lite - Sky Blue

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This revolutionary design allows the utmost comfort while traveling via plane, car or train! Face Cradle Travel Pillow provides 5 Modes of Comfort including the conventional neck pillow function we call Dozing Mode (1). Snoozing Mode (2) allows you to lock the upper pillow on an angle and rotate up to 360 degrees around your neck to find that perfect position. Table Nap Mode (3) locks the pillows on an angle to each other enabling you to nod off quickly on any flat surface. Deep Sleep Mode (4) enables you to lean forward in your seat and is like propping your head with your hands. Deep Sleep Side Mode (5) is a variation of 4. Here the pillows are placed on a slight angle and you turn your head comfortably to either side. The strap length can be easily adjusted.


  • Plush Velour, Polyurethane


  • 10x8x3

Use & Care Instruction:

  • Hand wash Recommended


  • Limited Lifetime warranty (17)

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