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6 pc Kitchen Utensils Large

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Code: 1110851
Set includes:(13 1/2") potato masher, (14 1/2") soup ladle, (14 1/2") carving fork, (14 3/4") pasta server, (15") slotted turner, and (17 1/2") revolving rack. Ready to clean up the clutter in the kitchen this revolving rack is a space saver and makes it easy to find the utencils you need!
Price: US$276.71

Retail Price: US$368.95

7 pc Coaster set Neo

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Code: 3501886
NEO 7-pc coaster set includes:
coaster stand - 12.5 x 3.5 cm (5" x 1 1/2")
6 coasters - 12 cm (4 3/4")

The Neo trivet magnet clings to the bottom of cookware to protect your table and countertop , makes transferring hot pans easy and safe - Neo coaster set matches the Neo line to preserve the finish on your tabletop ? Neo potholders are flexible silicone that make them easy to use
Material inner body: stainless steel ? Material: silicone ? Color: black translucent
Price: US$40.46

Retail Price: US$53.95

Artus 2 pc Salt & Pepper Set

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Code: 1106199
Set includes: (6 1/4") salt cellar, (6 1/4") pepper mill and 2 handy funnels. Durable 18/10 stainless steel will allow you to use these for years to come. Mirror finish gives an elegant look on any table. Handy funnels make for easy filling and are made with functional design.
Price: US$52.46

Retail Price: US$69.95


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Code: 1108261
Deluxe ashtray made of durable 18/10 stainless steel. Measurements: 6".
Price: US$38.96

Retail Price: US$51.95

Bamboo Chopping Block Large

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Code: 1101781
Bamboo chopping boards are seeing a resurgence in popularity as they are considered a "green product." Caring for bamboo cutting boards is easy, just wash with soap and water. The natural beauty and durability is unique.
Price: US$41.95

Basic Glass Top Single Induction Cook Top

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Code: 1810003G
Saves Energy 3 ways: 1) Heats up your pots/pans super fast, resulting in less cooking time. 2) It uses less electricity than an electrical element, and is more energy efficient, 3) The pan itself is the element or source of heat, resulting in less temperature or energy loss. The induction unit works by magnetic heat transfer between the unit and the induction ready cookware. It will only heat the diameter of the base of the cooking pot, as the remaining surface stays cool to the touch, saving you money since you are wasting very little energy. It's dual functions allow for both cooking and warming.  Unit has non-skid feet and shatter-resistant tempered glass. The unit will not generate heat and will shut off automatically if it does not detect induction ready cookware on the surface. Adjustable temperature control, heats up instantly, keeps food warmed, Overheating protection, portable design for easy storage,  and LCD screen. 1600 Watts, Requires regular household 110V. UL approved.
Price: US$239.21

Retail Price: US$318.95

BergHOFF 5pc Coffee / Tea Press Set

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Code: 2212561
This unique gift set by BergHoff contains one 4 cup French Press Coffee/Tea maker and 4 tempered glass and stainless steel coffee/tea mugs. French Press and mugs have a steaming cup of coffee design in the stainless steel. Each cup holds up to 6oz. of coffee/tea. Add a touch of elegance to your coffee making experience.
Price: US$37.49

Retail Price: US$49.99

Out of stock

BergHOFF's Toddler Set 7 pc

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Code: 1108483
Set includes: 6 1/4" fork, 7 1/4" knife, 6 1/4" spoon and 5 " dessert spoon. A perfect place setting ideal for childern who want to eat by themselves but whose hands may be too small for traditional sized. Made with 18/10 surgical stainless steel.
Price: US$115.46

Retail Price: US$153.95

Cast Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop

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Code: 1104751
6 1/4" ice scream scoop. The body heat from your hands will warm up the fluid inside the scoop allowing the ice cream to come out easily.
Price: US$17.96

Retail Price: US$23.95

Chopping board 20x30cm

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Code: 1107028
Tempered glass chopping board with a body thickness of 0.5 cm. Scratch resistant, heat resistant and wear proof. Easy to clean. Perfect place to get all your chopping, dicing, slicing, and mincing needs.
Price: US$10.46

Retail Price: US$13.95

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